Italia 9.98, powerful and balanced

Even if Italia 9.98 is the smallest range boat, it encloses all the most important features defining the Italia Yachts brand. Italia 9.98 is designed specifically for fun sailing and is particularly dedicated to handicap racing (ORC and IRC), but it is also well indicated for short cruises.

Italia 9.98 is a fast boat but at the same time easy to sail. The main project puropose has been to find the correct balance between the different kind of use, from windward-leeward races to offshore racing or cruising, obtaining a true all-round yacht with an optimal balance between upwind and downwind performance both in light and strong winds.

Italia 9.98: one spirit, two versions

The 9.98 models were created by Italia Yachts chief designer Matteo Polli in collaboration with hull designer Matteo Ledri of CapeHorn Engineering for CFD analysis and the interior designer Kristian Macchiut of KMD.

In 2017, the Italia 9.98 Bellissima – almost identical in construction and performance to the 9.98 Fuoriserie – was launched. With only minor modifications needing to be made the Bellissima is designed to be more comfortable to cruise.

Italia 9.98 will have you sailing faster and safer. Winner of two consecutive ORC World Championships 9.98 Fuoriserie is a pure race version. The 9.98 Bellissima is equally as happy flat out in race mode or on a relaxing family cruise.

Design philosophy

Italia’s 9.98 concept is to make sailing fun. The essential feature is a powerful easy to helm boat that gives you the optimum balance between upwind and downwind performance in strong or light winds. 9.98 Fuoriserie version is a pure race boat designed to win cups in ORC and IRC handicap racing. The 9.98 Bellissima is perfect for both cruising and racing.


Both versions of Italia’s 9.98 have the same basic construction and are made of the same materials. Hull and deck are sandwich with a variable density PVC core. The outer layers are biaxial and unidirectional glass fibres impregnated with vinyl ester resin.
A single structural frame, bonded internally reinforces the hull spreading the mast, keel and rigging loads. Hull and deck are finished in gelcoat with the cockpit and side decks having a moulded nonslip surface.

Clever design below the waterline

The use of CFD in designing keel, bulb and rudder together with the team’s regatta experience has led to the perfect balance of performance and handling. The all lead fintorpedo is 40% of the overall displacement and has a very high hydrodynamic efficiency. The foil sections are the result of a careful optimization process: the result is minimum drag and good flow stability in all conditions. The generous rudder area and high aspect ratio has resulted in superb
manoeuvrability and an exceptionally responsive helm.

Yacht of the Year

Italia 9.98 was nominated for the important International award “European Yacht of the Year”, in the Performance Cruiser category.


Sail Plan


The 9.98 comes with tapered profile 9/10 fractional, aluminium performance mast fitted with pole track as standard. Full carbon mast is an optional extra. The two spreaders are swept at 21° maximizing jib roach.

The aluminium boom has an internal outhaul. Discontinuous rigging and forestay is 1×19 stainless steel wire, with turnbuckles. The chain plates are placed at the widest part of the beam for maximum mast support and safe access to the foredeck. Forestay comes fitted with plastic foil. The backstay is a low-stretch Dyneema® with tensioner. All running rigging is in Dyneema®.

The Bellissima version comes with an integrated bowsprit as standard.


The Italia 9.98-Fuoriserie and 9.98-Bellissima have the same sail plan, with generous but non-overlapping foresails and a good aspect ratio. The mainsail has a moderate square head with a considerable roach – eliminating the requirement for a split backstay or runners.

The optional spinnaker fittings for ‘round the cans’ racing are standard fittings, and for coastal offshore racing or cruising an asymmetric can be flown from the bowsprit.

Mainsheet area: 38 sm (409 sq ft)
Jib area: 32 sm (344.4 sq ft)
Spinnaker area: 90 sm (968,7 sq ft)
Gennaker area: 105 sm (1.131 sq ft)

Italia 9.98 Bellissima: reinterpreted for cruising

In 2017, the Italia 9.98 Bellissima – almost identical in construction and performance to the 9.98 Fuoriserie- was launched. With only minor modifications needing to be made, the Bellissima is designed to be more comfortable to cruise.

Externally, the only differences between the pure performance Fuoriserie and the 9.98 Bellissima are: twin wheels, integrated bowsprit.

The result is a fast and fun yacht, designed to excel at racing, and perfect for cruising.

Italia 9.98 Bellissima interior design

The Bellissima version differs in the attractive fixed sliding lockers either side of the saloon and fore cabin, seat cushions that are deeper and more contoured – and the galley benefits from the addition of an oven. Floorboards are made of marine plywood with plastic grey colour antiskid. The two doors (bathroom and aft cabin) are equipped with aluminium frames to increase durability. The chart table is placed on the starboard side opposite to the “L” galley.

As option there is also the possibility to choose the new luxurious interior in fabric and leather.

Technical Specifications

Naval architecture Matteo Polli / Italia Yachts
Interior design Kristian Macchiut (KMD)
Exterior design Kristian Macchiut / Matteo Polli
Engineering & structural design Matteo Polli / Italia Yachts
Length over all 10.30 m (34 ft)
Max beam 3.54 m (11,6 ft)
Draft 1.90 m (6,2 ft)
Displacement 4,550 kg (10,030 lbs)
Mainsail area 38 sm (409 sq ft)
Jib area 32 sm (344.4 sq ft)
Spinnaker area 90 sm (968,7 sq ft)
Gennaker area 105 sm (1.131 sq ft)